This from a Good Friend of Balaam’s Ass (GFBA), taken in the town where he is living. He assures me that the picture is real and not technologically altered.
The first question I have is, better at what?
The second is like unto the first, is this a joke or a gimmick? We’ll probably never know unless someone reads this post who happens to attend the church. What’s sad is that I even have to wonder if this is really a joke…



6 thoughts on “Better?

  1. The best construction I can come up with is that “Since Jesus died for us, we will ‘do better’ (ie ‘be better off’) than Him, because we don’t have to endure hell.”

    As much as I’d like to be able to hope that such was the sermon’s movements, the irony is delightful. Hasn’t this been the message of the UMC for the last 40 years??? From transforming society apart from God’s means to recent support of theologians who deny the Trinity…its a nice summation.

  2. It might be; in fact, if they’re using the lectionary, it probably is. But Jesus didn’t say, “You will do better than me.” He said, “You will do greater works than these.”
    Sure, I’m jumping to a conclusion about what the preacher in this church spoke about.
    Yeah, I know, one shouldn’t stereotype. It’s just too bad how often the stereotypes fit! (I realize that there are also stereotypes of the LCMS; most of them are negative takes on what I view as positives. It’s probably similar with other denominations.)


  3. I guess I see it this way. Regardless of what was preached that Sunday, even if it was an orthodox exposition on John 14:12, there are just some things you shouldn’t put on a marquee even though they are the Truth, like:

    Whatever you ask for, you will receive.
    God belongs to me.
    We’re eating flesh and blood in here.
    Bring your infants in so we can kill them.
    If you don’t believe in Jesus you’re going to hell.

    Stuff like that. And I guess I’m just one of those who rates this sign among those kinds of misleading public displays.

  4. I could probably beat Jesus at MarioKart. I’ll bet he doesn’t even have a GameCube. I’ll bet that’s what the sermon is about.

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