Pope Benedict XVI

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5 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI

  1. “The Catholic Church maintains, moreover, that the good works of the justified are always the fruit of grace. But at the same time, and without in any way diminishing the totally divine initiative, they are also the fruit of man, justified and interiorly transformed. We can therefore say that eternal life is, at one and the same time, grace and the reward given by God for good works and merits.”

    So said then Cardinal Joseph Ritzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) in 1998 in explaining the Roman position in the RCC Response to the Joint Document on the Doctrine of Justification (http://www.ewtn.com/library/CURIA/PCPULUTH.HTM).

    The Council of Trent lives on, and I don’t expect the new pope will recant the statement in the Bull Unam Sanctum, “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.”

  2. It is true that until Trent is recalled, there will be no true union between Lutherans and Roman Catholics. But, as Josh points out at Here We Stand, he is at least conservative on life, marriage, and others of that type that are important to us as well. That doesn’t make Rome right theologically, but it sure helps in culture war.


  3. I’ve posted my own thoughts on my blog, http://confessingevangelical.blogspot.com/2005/04/good-result.html. Basically I’m ecstatic about the choice of the former Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope – for all that he will uphold Roman Catholic errors as vigorously as his predecessor, he won’t make things *worse* by heading in a liberalising direction, and he may make some things better – for example, by being a bit more measured in his treatment of other religions than JP II, who seemed to have some leanings towards universalism.

    As Chris Jones puts it at http://pleroma.typepad.com/pleroma/2005/04/pope_benedict_x.html:

    “The new Pope is an orthodox Catholic, and therefore closer to traditional believers in other Churches than to liberals of any denomination.

    “Christian unity, if it comes, will come not from watering down our confessions to a lowest common denominator, but from deep devotion to our common heritage in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Pope Benedict is a man of such devotion, who has shown himself open and sympathetic to orthodox believers of other confessions.”

  4. Dana,
    Didn’t John Paul II recently die? Of course, if God chooses to raise him on the Last Day, that will be God’s choice, and he will then indeed live long. But since he has died, that just proves that he was an awful sinner, just like the rest of us. God kills and makes alive. It is my prayer that God “kills” every Pope and raises them to true life.

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