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I have very limited experience here, so this is a sincere question: I’ve attended one district-wide pastors’ conference and a number of circuit meetings, and I’m wondering if it’s common for large meetings of pastors to “experiment” with the liturgy or exchange elements–I’m not talking about taking elements out for length at short circuit meetings–for “variety”? (I can understand that at circuit meetings of a few pastors, the worship is simply what the host-congregation does at its regular services, so this is mostly about larger gatherings.) This is not a statement about the quality or lack thereof in such variety. However, if experimentation or variety (relative to TLH or LW) is common, it seems to me that pastors’ gatherings should be the one place where liturgy is done with the highest of quality and with the spiritual fullness of what we modern Christians have inherited from our forefathers.



5 thoughts on “Just a Question

  1. From that lands in which you should be:

    Our services for the district pastors conference are straight from one of the hymnals, including LBW. Our last conference, ‘contemporary’ music was included, however the liturgy itself came from LW.

    When the seminary chorus came out to Dublin, many of the congregation member were amazed, “inspired”, “moved” at the worship service. Sad to say that anytime the choir sang the Gloria Patri and bowed there heads, some of the church members though it was to affect the volume of the song. Needless to say, under the direction of Gehrke the service was done very high, but it was amazing to see the loss of congregational rubrics of the service.

  2. Timotheos,

    Depending on the circuit (or district), you’ll see and hear everything…

    I attended an evangelism conference sponsored by an openly charismatic LCMS congregation (they were doing “contemporary services” way long before other folks) where the pastor “ad libbed” the Verba. At communion. Seriously.

    He pranced around the chancel (“stage”) holding the chalice saying, like, “This is Jesus’ blood, which He shed because He loves you,” or some such.

    I literally shouted the Verba from the back of the room and…people actually thanked me…afterwards.

  3. In the Central Illinois District, they do a fantastic job living up the heritage of worship we’ve been given by the great cloud that has gone before us.

    Of course, this has not made the CID perfect…but the services are nonetheless fantastic.

    PS At the spring conference, Dr. Grime also spoke about the upcoming Lutheran Service Book. Brothers, this sucker is a BEAUTY!

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