Fight the Idiots!

or at least give some encouragement to my brother here, as he fights to have his money taken back from the radical campus left and given to those groups he agrees with.



4 thoughts on “Fight the Idiots!

  1. Explain to me again why your brother wants to attend what he describes as a moral cesspool of a university.

    Did he not “get a clue” when he read the pompous twaddle of its President, Karen W. Morse, posted on the WWU website(

    “Whatever our places of origin, it is clear that our fundamental attitudes and perspectives come from different places in time, and have been formed by different events. Our students will bring perspectives and backgrounds different from ours and those need to be considered and respected as well.”

  2. You’d have to ask him. But, it is sometimes possible to receive an excellent education in spite of the academic environment. All that grinding makes one sharper. Of course, I’m a little suspicious of most universities in this country. Where would you suggest? (All you have to do is read Mike Adams’ columns to see what happens in college these years.)


  3. Although so many universities are moral cesspools, a lot of them are still good at helping you get a high-paying job. They still serve the function of training for a career. What they don’t do is make you a better or wiser person. Except, perhaps, as Tim says through grinding against the fools. If you come in with enough sense of what you believe, you may do alright.

  4. Well, part of it was the location, and it’s not exorbitantly expensive, and I had originally planned to be an English teacher, and they have a good education program.

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