Good Music Ten

It has been a while since I’ve posted about music, but I’ve picked up a number of discs in the last few weeks that are worth mentioning (and buying!).

It’s been out for a while, but Woven Hand’s new cd, Consider the Birds is genius as usual from David Eugene Edwards of the recently defunct 16 Horsepower (which breakup was the cause of much weeping and gnashing of teeth!). You can see the Woven Hand US label page at Soundsfamilyre here, and also listen to the song “Sparrow Falls.” You can listen to “Bleary Eyed Duty” here. Anything by 16 Horsepower (especially Secret South) or Woven Hand (Blush Music is less accessible) or DEE is good.
“Listen/Judgement will not be avoided by your unbelief/By your lack of fear/Nor by your prayers to any little idol here/He owns all those cattle/He owns all these hills/Forever round the throne yeah/Forever round the throne/Forever round the throne yeah.”

Number Two is Over the Rhine’s brand new Drunkard’s Prayer. (Listen to a couple songs here.) OtR probably needs no introduction from me. But if you’ve never heard them before, I’m not sure I would recommend starting with this one. Try Good Dog, Bad Dog, Films for Radio (hear some here), or the excellent double-disc OHIO. I think this one will hit me like Eve did, which I didn’t really like at first. Now it’s up near the top, but GDBD is still my favorite. It’s stripped down, mostly piano and guitar and Karin’s voice. Much more like OHIO than FFR. It will grow on me, I think; it’s already flowing through my brain.

Third, a random buy after reading about her in, of all places, Time Magazine! I had read about her debut in Paste Magazine a long time ago but never got it, and this one caught my eye. Kathleen Edwards has a new cd called Back To Me. Sometimes sounds like Sharyl Crow and sometimes like Lucinda Williams.

Fourth, one from my trip to Olympia, Elliott Smith’s From a Basement on the Hill. The sadness and desperation of this disc can be destructive, so make sure there are no sharp weapons or large amounts of alcohol close when you listen to it. (Disclaimer: contains offensive language.) Sadly, Elliott Smith committed suicide in 2003. Dead rock stars suck.

Last, finally, and the newest addition to my collection: Bill Mallonee’s barely-out-of-the-package Friendly Fire. Despite the fact that it was supposed to get here by Christmas(!), it has now shipped and you can get it here. In my opinion, it’s the best release of his solo records so far, and if you lost touch with Bill or VoL years ago, you might want to let him reintroduce himself with this one.

Good music for a 70-plus-degree Spring day!



3 thoughts on “Good Music Ten

  1. Just saw Bill play in Goshen, Indiana. Great show as always. I agree this album is his best solo effort to date, though my heart is always gladdened when Jugular finds its way into my cd player.

    OTR’s new release is simply unspeakable. For whatever reason, I fell in love with every track on the first hearing (a first for me in a very long time). Linford really knows how to give voice to the life he and Karin have together. I am most impressed with how intimate this album is regarding their marriage. Certainly, much like their dear friend Bill Mallonee, this album is saturated with self awareness and intends to be both faithful to their art of music, and therapeutic for the demons that all of us married folk have wrestled with from time to time.

  2. Oh yeah, you’ll appreciate this. While at the Mallonee show, I purchased FF not recalling whether or not I had pre-ordered it. Lo and behold, guess what appeared in my mailbox today? Yep.

  3. Well, you got the DVD and an extra for a gift.
    I think we (my wife and I, and two friends) were at one of the last shows–St. Louis, Blueberry Hill–before OtR quit the OHIO tour a couple years ago for the sake of their marriage. It’s satisfying and inspiring to see what came out of that time of struggle.
    I thought Linford had a great idea in the liner notes: to share a bottle of wine and “talk deep into the night.”


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