Exorcism in St. Louis

Sorry, just reading posted news stories from the beginning of March.
This one is interesting because, although not mentioned in the Post-Dispatch story, both Lutherans and the seminary were apparently involved.
There is at least one book and one thesis in the seminary library (can’t think of their names right now) that discuss the roles of the president of the seminary at the time and at least one other professor or pastor. According to the story (of which there is very little), the boy was first brought to the seminary to see if they could do anything for them. In the room that is now the Chapel of the Apostles in the bell tower, some sort of something (I told you there wasn’t much) was attempted, although not necessarily an exorcism–probably because there is no Lutheran rite of exorcism. Also according to the story, the Lutheran pastors involved attempted to give the boy communion and the vessels kept moving around on the table. Some time after this, the Jesuits took over.
I believe I read about some of this in a book about the events–not the Blatty book–and I was intrigued.
Any comments on demon possession/oppression or exorcism?