I Love Those Daily Rip-Off-A-Page-Each-Day Calendars

My favorite is Get Fuzzy (three years in a row now!), but I also like to wait until a month or so after the new year starts and then get some at cheap prices. My newest is “365 Bottles of Beer for the Year.” It’s great, although I have yet to see any of them in an actual store that I’ve been to.

But I think today’s brew is especially appropriate for those beer-fasts during the season of Lent.

Reaper Ale
Mortality Stout

Brewed in Irvine, California [Jay, can you get me some?]

Balanced by a penetrating, aromatic roasty maltiness, Reaper’s sweet, underlying milk-chocolate character is simultaneously chewy yet light on the palate. The rising moderated bitterness provides a firm counterpoint to the soft mouthfeel as the impenetrable brown body warms to room temperature. A more clearly defined roasted quality and developing textual smoothness emerge toward the finish. Mortality signs off with an enlivening malty finish.
[I have no idea what any of that means, but you want one, don’t you?]

Quaff quote:
“Taxing beer at all is a seriously bad idea, like taxing the elemental necessities of life, such as bread or salt. Or beer pretzels, which are just bread and salt.” –George Will, columnist


Just Some Rhetorical Questions

What if:
Democracy takes a strong hold in Afghanistan (how’s the first female provincial governor for ya?) and Iraq?

France and Germany get over themselves and the U.S. gives a little and they all start to get along?

A majority of the troops come home from the Middle East and Iraq begins to defend itself?

We catch Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein is convicted and either sent away forever or executed?

How will President Bush be remembered, and will Howard Dean completely marginalize the Democrats in this country?

All pretty optimistic, it seems to me.