Pope Back in the Hospital

News reports indicate that Pope John Paul II is once again receiving treatment for flu symptoms.

I question why the major networks and cable news always jump on this story. Do they really care? Of course, it is news. But are the media executives that concerned over the pope?

I wish the pope would issue a statement such as the following: “I appreciate your concern but urge you to show comparable concern and provide coverage for the true Lord of the Church, the Savior Jesus Christ.”

5 thoughts on “Pope Back in the Hospital

  1. It’s not surprising that the media are all over the pope’s condition. He really IS news. It’s been a quarter of a century since we’ve had a new one, and the pope is probably the single most influential man in the world.

  2. Well, some think that the single most influential man in the world is the guy who convinced the shampoo industry to add an additional instruction on shampoo bottles: “Repeat.”

  3. Corny lather aside, I think it is news. When the pope dies, there’s going to be a lot of manuevering to see who gets to be the next “most influential man in the world.” Who comes out after the white and black smoke will change the face of ecumenical politics simply by being who he is, no matter who he is. And this is not to mention world politics, etc.


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