It is a Mainstay

Every day, I drive by and read the following words on a sign. You may remember my earlier post concerning these words.

“Live Truth Instead of Professing It”

I am not sure why “instead of” has to be in the sentence. I am tempted to ask the business if they will replace those words with “and.” Of course, then they would have to drop off the “-ing” from “profess.” That may be asking too much. But I can always ask.

2 thoughts on “It is a Mainstay

  1. That sentiment is misused all the time, especially by quoting, in various forms, the statement by St. Francis to the effect of, “Preach the Gospel at all times, and, when necessary, use words.”
    The problem is that lots of people, including all manner of pagan and heathen, do good things.
    I believe we should do good to all people whenever we have the opportunity, but let’s not confuse that with evangelism. They are not, and can never be, the same.


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