Card Games

A 94-year-old lady recently taught me how to play 2-person “Eucker” (spelling?). So far, the game has kept my interest. I hear that up to 8 people can play.

What is your favorite card game? Any tips concerning “Eucker”?


5 thoughts on “Card Games

  1. I don’t know where it is centered (the creator of a version for Palm PDAs claims it originated in the Northeast). I learned to play in Baltimore, MD, from Michiganders, and have played against Californians, Marylanders, Indianians (sp?), in Maryland, Indiana, Michigan and Kansas. However, in Michigan a group from the church we attended there would sponsor Eucre nights where up to 30 would play and winners would move from table to table in an attempt to get to table #1 (and take home part of the $2-per-person-“entry fee”-funded pot; the losers also got a portion). (The best night was when we took our then-infant son along due to a lack of a baby sitter and he got passed around more than the cards!) Don’t play it as much since we live in Kansas now but nothing stirs the soul like going alone and getting all the tricks! (Unless it is eucreing (“eucring”?) the other team!)

  2. Three Favorites:

    1) Single Player – “Spider Solitaire”. Goes great with “Renewing Your Mind” streaming audio

    2) Two Players – “Spite and Malice” (the name says it all). Games last from 10 to 30 minutes, trying to get rid of a stack of 13 cards by playing them on 4 common stacks. Each player also has 4 discard piles that are used strategically to preserve playable cards, or cards that will make “runs”. Object is to play your cards (spite) and block your opponent from playing (malice). Real marriage builder!

    2) Multi-Player: “Nertz” aka “Dutch Blitz” which is a multiplayer hybrid of caffeinated free-for-all slap-jack and solitaire. Great for “get to know you” gatherings. Promotes lots of laughter.

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