Can You Say Fr—?

So it appears, as Joel predicted on another post, that the Kleptocrats (I like that one, Joel) have done what seemed impossible a few weeks ago. Don’t win the first time? Or the second time? Well, third time’s the charm, apparently.
I’m just speculating, but look at these numbers from the recount.
Notice anything strange? How about the fact that two counties that Rossi originally won swung to Gregoire? How about the difference in votes in the counties where Gregoire won more votes than Rossi? For example, see Yakima County, where Rossi picked up fifteen more votes than Gregoire. That was the biggest difference in votes of any county where Rossi gained more than Gregoire.
Now, compare King, Pierce, or Snohomish counties; in King County (predictably liberal), Gregoire picked up double the votes of Rossi. (I believe all of those votes were the contested ones, which Gregoire won the right to have counted.) In Pierce County, they somehow “found” another 447 votes, and Gregoire got 31 more than Rossi. In Snohomish, originally a Rossi victory, Gregoire got 44 more than Rossi (again, of 194 “discovered” votes).
It’s just more than a little strange that after nearly two months of “recounting” votes that apparently did not exist during the machine recount, Gregoire somehow, some way, comes out on top by 130 votes. Hey, if you can’t win in the general election, or in the first recount: there have got to be more votes out there!
May Washington voters remember this in 2008.



6 thoughts on “Can You Say Fr—?

  1. The Republicans in Washington state will have to decide whether they are willing to investigate these “votes” and put up the legal fight.

    If they’re anything like the Republicans in the U.S. Senate… meow.

  2. I have a suspicion they won’t, though, Carl. At this point, the Kleptocrats’ image is already besmirched byt his whole thing. The best thing Republicans can do is let them stay that way.

    Washington is a split state, with one highly liberal, densely populated urban center and the rest a very conservative rural state. (In the county I’m in, Mormons make up the largest religious group. The rest of the Brown Side is similarly Bible-beltish, and in some areas the black-helicopter crowd are active.) Republicans know we’re not likely to win a statewide election; this is the closest we’ve gotten to the governor’s mansion in two decades. Making a fuss won’t get us this election; it’s over. But the Dems will lose ground.

  3. Sounds like it, but it’s not. “W” won the electoral college, including Florida, according to every recount done by anyone and everyone. Not only that, but Gore was not elected in the 2000 election, then elected again by a recount, and finally on the third “recount” unelected.
    Follow the Democratic “leaders” and Please!
    I’ll be over the Washington election by next week. Democrats will still be whining about the 2000 election when Jesus returns.


  4. Here in New Mexico in the 2000 election, George W. had won by about 200 votes, but when it came time to certify the election suddenly more than 500 votes were found in a democratic county and swung the election to Al Gore. This Washington scenario is not new for the Dems.

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