The President Protects His Secret Service

Bush-Secret Service.jpg
(REUTERS/Pool/Via Reuter TV)

Here’s an interesting one: one of the President’s Secret Service agents is prevented from entering the train station with President Bush, and the President rescues him! There’s got to be a punchline there somewhere…


One thought on “The President Protects His Secret Service

  1. A good video link showing the Chilean goons blocking the Secret Service agent and President Bush going over to force them to let his agent in is available at (There’s a short commercial before the video comes on). Lots of pictures are at

    One should note the crowd Bush waded into were armed. And if Bush had not gone in and broken up the scuffle, Secret Service agents could have determined the President was in danger as he enter into another room and beyond SS protection. Things could have gotten UGLY really fast!

    This incident was not an accident. Look for a major shakeup in the Chilean government. (Hey, we’ve done it before.)

    On a lighter note, can one picture how Monica’s ex or traitorkerry would have responded in such a situation?

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