Thy Strong Word Did Cleave the Darkness

All Hallows’ Eve (All Saints’ Eve) is a good time to celebrate and remember the contribution of one of God’s saints, Martin Luther. 487 years ago, he nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the castle church in Wittenberg (at least according to tradition).
Here are some quotes from others of his writings, which seem especially appropriate in light of the doctrine by which the Church stands or falls, justification by grace through faith alone.

“The devil caught me by surprise a few times, when I had lost sight of this chief article. He tortured me so badly with passages of Scripture that heaven and earth seemed too small for me. Then human works and laws seemed to be all right, and nothing at all was wrong in the papacy. In short, it seemed that no one had ever erred except this fellow Luther and that my best works, my doctrine, preaching and books must be accursed. Moreover, even the abominable Mohammed almost became a prophet to me, and both Turks and Jews turned to very saints. Therefore, dear brother, do not be proud, or too sure and certain that you know Christ well. You now hear me confessing and professing what the devil was able to do against this man Luther, who, after all, really ought to be a doctor in this art. He has preached, thought, written, spoken, sung, and read so much about this matter and yet must remain a pupil in it and at times is neither pupil nor master. Therefore be advised, and do not shout hurrah. Now you are standing, but see to it that you do not fall.”

[A valid warning for us all, especially those who are called by Luther’s name.]
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