More on Weapons

Here’s more on the missing weapons from Fox news. At the very least, John Kerry should admit that he jumped the gun without having all the information. In fact, no one has all the information. It sounds like desperation to me:
[Imaginary conversation]
Advisor to Kerry: I don’t know how we’re doing, or if we can win this thing.
Kerry to advisor: Hey! I just saw this on CBS! I’ll throw it in my speech!
Advisor: But do we really know this?
Kerry: I don’t care! We need something!


Who’s in League With Whom?

This is very interesting. I wonder if Kerry’s taking cues from bin Laden, or the other way around?

Much more importantly, if you have been fooled by Kerry’s religiosity in the past few weeks, you should read this column by Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe.

By the way, I promise a (possibly short) moratorium on Kerry-related posts after Tuesday.


Soon, very soon…

Election Day is coming (as if I had to tell you). Here is another point of view from two professors at Concordia University Wisconsin.

“For many individual Christians, the choice in November seems crystal clear. Yet it is important to acknowledge that Christians are not of one mind politically and, historically, have not been.”
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