Anti-“Baby Doe” Update

The judge in the case in Great Britain, which I first mentioned here, has ruled that the doctors should not try to revive baby Charlotte if she stops breathing. It seems that this intends to be, barring God’s intervention, a sad end to a sad story upon returning from a pastor’s conference.


East vs. West

Donald Fairbairn offered a helpful book, Eastern Orthodoxy Through Western Eyes, in 2002. The title provides a good idea of what you get in the book. The following is a paragraph from the introduction.

“The spirituality of the West is largely (although not exclusively) a backward-looking spirituality: we motivate ourselves for Christian life by remembering what God has already done in saving us. In contrast, the Orthodox see the journey not so much as stemming from something that has already happened, but as moving forward toward God, toward perfect union with him…Thus, Westerners (especially Western Protestants) are more likely to say that they are already saved, whereas the Orthodox emphasize that they are on the pathway to salvation.”

If Fairbairn’s account is accurate, I think a proper understanding of the eschatological hope would help out the Western Protestants. Yes, because of Christ, we have been saved. However, we also long for that Day to come (Christ’s return). Then the last foe (death) will be done away with.