Bait-and-Switch Evangelism

Like Michael and the other vicars this year, I am working on an evangelism project for my church. There are various things to work through, but one thing I am trying to avoid is the bait-and-switch form of evangelism. That is, to attract people with some sort of coffee house/concert/special event, and then sneak in the Gospel/Jesus somehow. Why in the world would anyone come to a church to do that, when they could just meet their friends at Starbucks?
Basically, I’m trying to figure out how to reach people without tricking them. I’ve got some ideas, but I’m interested in the ideas of the people who read this blog, since I’ve found the large majority of the comments to be intelligent and well thought out.


Were You the Unchurched?

For a variety of reasons, I am reading Surprising Insights from the Unchurched and Proven Ways to Reach Them by Thom S. Rainer. I am not recommending the book, but I am simply telling you that I am reading it.

The book offers insight as to why some people started to attend a church. Have you ever been “unchurched”? What drew you to a church?