The Ironical Pacifist and Other Hypocrites

There is something funny about the way pacifists argue, whether sincere or otherwise. These groups include people like those who publish Sojourners (of the “God is not a Republican (or a Democrat)” ads). Often they believe the U.S. government (and George Bush, in particular) invokes God to justify what appear to them to be unjustified wars. The “building a theocracy” accusation flies. But who are the real theocrats here? Is it not those who want the government to be run like a church, governed by the “laws” of love and forgiveness? Is it not those who would rather have the government abide by the Sermon on the Mount than any generally accepted standard of justice?
Christians do indeed bear the responsibility of loving our enemies and doing good to those who hate us, but the government is not an individual Christian, nor are those who will continue to commit crimes if not brought to justice. The government has two priorities: protect its citizens and punish the few who would subvert the peace and safety of the many.
If the government acts like an individual Christian is supposed to, we will not be better off. The only thing we will have more of is anarchy.