Real Clear Politics

Political polls don’t really tell you anything, do they? Well, they might if they could encompass more voters in more places. That’s why you need to look at These polls might actually tell you something. And that’s that Bush is ahead by about two and a half points head to head with Kerry. But if Nader is added, Bush’s lead grows to four and a half. Admittedly, this is less than before the first debate, but we’ve got a long way to go. Other interesting things: Bush’s “favorable” rating is still at 51%, “unfavorable” at 42; Kerry’s “favorable” is 41 and “unfavorable” at 44. Also, as far as I can tell, the only national poll listed that has Kerry ahead is the Newsweek poll.
So if you want to see polls that actually tell you something, go here.




Here’s to the single redeeming aspect of the Seattle Mariners’ season: Ichiro Suzuki’s breaking of the 84-year old single-season hits record, previously held by “Gorgeous” George Sisler–259 hits and counting (the record was 257).
I thought it especially appropriate that George Sisler’s daughter was in the crowd to see it, and that Ichiro went over and spoke to her after breaking the record.
Simply amazing.


The Anti-“Baby Doe”

In 1980, a baby born with Down’s syndrome was allowed to starve to death (by the courts) because his parents did not want him to live. [Some details here. Steve Taylor wrote a song about it.] On the other end of the spectrum, there is a case in the United Kingdom currently where the parents want the baby to live, and the doctors are fighting for the baby’s death. It is again up to the courts to decide. Perhaps the doctors and courts will listen to the parents’ will in this case also. Neither the courts nor the parents have the right to arrogate to themselves what properly belongs to God. Kyrie eleison!