A Joke: The Rating System

Does any parent trust the movie rating system when deciding if his/her child should watch a movie? A recent study indicates that PG and PG-13 movies include more profanity and sexual situations than ever before. It even mentions that G movies are displaying more violence. This just proves once again that parents cannot let Hollywood, the government, a school, or even the church raise their children.


2 thoughts on “A Joke: The Rating System

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with you Michael. I am a public educator, but I have become increasingly distrustful of the judgments made by public educators (in general). I have never trusted “Hollywood”, and that came home to me again just this weekend as my 16 y.o. son was allowed to rent an “unrated” (read – worse than R) movie from a national video chain. MY FAULT for not checking more closely until after it was already in my house; THEIR FAULT for renting porn to minors. But again, this proved your basic tenet: we can’t trust our kids to anyone in popular culture in our country today. How sad!

  2. You know what’s worse? The COMMERICALS. They don’t rate commercials, so heaven knows what smut they’ll throw at you. I went to Spiderman 2 (AWESOME!) and was horrified at the commericals they were throwing at us. They had one with a bunch of young adults all wet and slithering up and down each other. Almost all of the commercials were “sell by sex” and not in a subtle way at all. I couldn’t believe it.

    Yes, the movie was rated PG-13, but it’s Spiderman for heaven’s sake. The management HAS to know that parents are gonna bring their kids to the movie (no matter how dumb that is)!

    As you can tell, it still burns my buttons. Even without the kids, I don’t know R rated commercials thrown at me in a PG-13 movie. >_<

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