Fun With Bumper Stickers 1

So this pizza guy backs into my car last night, and as I’m taking down his insurance information, he notices the sticker on the back of my car, which reads: “The ACLU: We don’t hate religion. We just hate Christianity!” (Get yours here!) He then says, sort of offended, “Dude, I’m a Christian.” Not realizing what he was looking at, I said, “Are you?” But then I realize what he’s saying, and I told him that it’s sarcasm, but he still doesn’t get it. Anyway, the point of this is that I never thought that so many people would not get the joke. More than one person has assumed that I represent the ACLU and that, because of my other sticker, I am a JOhn KErry supporter. (Get yours here!)
But if I can get people to associate “ACLU” with “anti-Christian” (regardless of what they think of the guy in the green VW), my sticker will have accomplished at least one of its purposes (the other being to tweak ACLU supporters).
[I have a feeling this will become an ongoing series of posts, hence the “1”.]



7 thoughts on “Fun With Bumper Stickers 1

  1. Why do you think the ACLU ‘hates’ Christianity ? If Muslims, Hindus, or Wiccans tried to get their superstitions into the public arean we would oppose them also.

  2. People who do not have a personal relationship with Christ cannot possibly understand how sensitive we (true Christians) are to this subject. One becomes VERY protective of those we love, especially anything relating to Jesus and His ministry, after all, how many people do you know who would actually lay their life down for you? I hope you see why those of us who love the Lord would be offended by such a sticker.

    My pastor once said “religion will send you to hell, (referring to religions that do not profess Christ as God incarnate)…. without a personal relationship with Jesus, you can forget about ever seeing the Kingdom of God”, this is a well-known fact, ask any bible-believing Christian.

    Kevin Kaas, Largo, FL

  3. Sorry Kevin, but do you know how brainwashed you sound?

    God gave us a mind to reason with, not to blindly follow some primitive esoteric dogma used to control the masses through fear.

    You said:
    “without a personal relationship with Jesus, you can forget about ever seeing the Kingdom of God, this is a WELL-KNOWN FACT, ask any bible-believing Christian.”

    Sorry, but FACTS are proven through evidence, not just because your pastor says, or because a group of people happen to “believe” it. Especially the crazy stuff found in the bible:
    A talking serpent, magic fruit, a VIRGIN-born god-man, the sun and moon commanded to stand still in the sky, a woman turned into a pillar of salt, some guy who gets his superhuman strength from his long hair, a man walking on water and commanding storms to stop, ALL the species of animals fitting on a 400ft wooden boat??, a guy having a conversation with his donkey??? Elijah riding a fiery chariot into heaven?

    Not to mention the GOD-ORDERED slaughtering of men, women and infants by the bible heroes Moses, Joshua, and Saul.

    Did you know the old testament has god given rules for owning slaves, while the NT has at least 3 references admonishing slaves to obey their masters and not cause any trouble?

    You expect a rational person to find this divinely inspired?

    I know the psychology of brainwashing because I was a born-again christian for 20 years. I finally had to courage to face my fears and start questioning things. I’m glad I did, I can sleep peacfully now, not agonizing over the billions of humans destined for Hell and eternal hopeless torment in a lake of fire. Remember your savior is one who said only a FEW will find eternal life (Matt 7:13-14). And since you beleive Jesus is going to judge the world, this “loving savior” of yours is the one condemning them to this horrible torture.

    I hope you have the courage to question things my friend.

    Best wishes in your journey,


  4. I came across this post as a bit of a “freak accident”, but then again, I don’t believe in “freak accidents”. I was just going to ignore it, but I am compelled to speak.

    Kevin, you have a great point. People become zealous over the ones they love.

    My comment is this…”Why is it that TRUE CHRISTIANITY – the kind that truly tries to follow the Bible and the teachings of Christ without watering it down – us ridiculed so much? Why is it acceptable to bash Christians over any other religion in the world?”

    Answer: Because Christ said it would be (Matt. 5:11). Out of all the religions in the world, the only one who’s leader/founder said “I am the truth” is Christianity.

    MT – I feel for you. It is easier to follow the crowd than to stand firm on absolute truth.

    My final comment is this…The issue for us Christians is not the fact of weither or not you WILL acknowledge Christ as LORD of all, but WHEN will you – now when you have a chance of escaping an eternity of torment, or later when you stand before HIM at the judgement.

    Mock me if you will, but from where I stand there are two choices 1) If I’m wrong and when I die nothing happens (as most say), I just rot in the ground, then I’ve lost nothing. BUT 2) If you’re wrong, and when YOU DIE you meet Christ and you’ve mocked HIM all your life, then YOU HAVE LOST EVERYTHING!!!!!

    My prayers are for everyone.

    Pastor Bill

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