Something to Think About

Baseball fans often forget how much pressure some players put on themselves in order to live up to high expectations. Minnesota Twins first baseman Doug Mientkiewicz, who is in quite a slump, offers a memorable quote for his fans.

In order to start hitting the ball again, Mientkiewicz wondered, “Maybe I need a son. Maybe I need a daughter. I need something else in my life so every out doesn’t consume me. The game is wrapped so tightly around my brain that when I go through this, I can barely function.”


2 thoughts on “Something to Think About

  1. If he gets so wrapped up in his errors in baseball, what would he do when he makes an inevitable mistake as a parent? I would say having a son or daughter would not be the best solution to his problem.

  2. I thought children were supposed to disrupt careers. Regardless, replacing one idol with another rarely helps.

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