The Price is Right


His wife walked away from the divorce with a four-thousand dollar wedding ring, but he struck gold by selling her wedding dress on Ebay. There were a total of 113 bids. The final winning bid was $3, 850 for a dress that cost the owner $1,200.

The dealer’s innovative idea to sell his ex-wife’s dress on ebay has made him famous. He’s had five marriage proposals, invitations to baseball games, and will possibly appear on “Good Morning America.”

To the insane person who purchased this dress…No matter how beautiful your financee, how could you erase this image from your mind?


The Beginning of the End in Canada

Well, the end of free speech already begun in Scandinavia has crossed onto the North American continent. Canadian Parliament passed the Bill C-250 59-11. It’s amazing that thieves can get bills passed in Canada. What’s next, murderers?
(For another take, see here.)


“A Powerful Truth”

Rebecca Hagelin beats back the lie of “safe sex education”: “Teenagers can act responsibly when it is expected of them. When adults set standards of decency for children, empower them to accept the challenge, believe that they can live it up to it and give them tools to do so, teenagers respond.”
Imagine that, adults acting like adults.

Perhaps not unrelated is the column by Kathleen Parker, attempting to digest the “ugly spectacle” in Washington last Sunday: “My guess is that marchers’ angry words and actions were visceral reactions to the ugliest scenes of the day – huge photographs of aborted fetuses at various stages of development. These sights are not for the squeamish, and surely not for the children some pro-choicers dragged along. I cringed to think of the nightmares little ones would have later that night.”


Where the New Crosses the Old

Here is an excerpt from Living by Faith: Justification and Sanctification by Oswald Bayer.
“Baptism marks the intersection of the old world and the new. Ethical progress is only possible by returning to Baptism. That progress which will promise us good things, and not just good things but the very best, is a converting and returning to Baptism, and therefore to a new perception of the world in which we no longer have to choose between optimism and pessimism, between shrill anxiety about the future and euphoric hope regarding the further evolution of the cosmos and the enhancement of its possibilities; all the same it remains true that God the Creator unceasingly does new things. Luther’s distinctive courage, which goes beyond optimism and pessimism, is grounded in Baptism. It may be seen in a saying that was not his own, although it fits his understanding very well: ‘Even though the world perish tomorrow, today I will still plant a little apple tree.'”

So where am I going?

It’s sort of like Christmas when you’re a little kid. You wait and wait, and finally it comes, and then, just as quickly, it’s over. On August 1st I will start my vicarage year in Crescent City, CA. Only God knows what will happen, and only the grace of God will carry us through!

Mike, a fellow Ass blogger, is going to one of the most amazing churches in this Synod, St. Lorenz in Frankenmuth, MI. Congratulations, Mike!


For those receiving calls

Today is “Call Day” here at the Seminary. At 4 o’clock Central, those who will be, usually, entering their third year will receive vicarage [internship] assignments, and at 7 o’clock, those receiving their first calls to a church will receive their call documents. The following is a sermon preached at the installation of a pastor, and it sums up well the “job” description for a pastor. Soli Deo Gloria!

“The Installation of the Revíd Erich Fickel as pastor of St. Paul Lutheran
Church, Chesteron, Indiana on the Feast of St. Mark, Evangelist
April 25, 2004 A+D
St. Luke 10:1-9

In the Name of the Father and of the +Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Lamb of God sent the seventy before Him as lambs among wolves.
Miraculously, they all came back alive, even in joy. They were elated that
the demons submitted to them in His Name. He tells them not to rejoice in
this. Instead they are to rejoice in the reality that their names are
written in heaven. The next time He sends them they will not all come back.
Eleven of the Twelve die early deaths by the hatred of unbelievers. The
Twelfth lives out his penury in exile on Patmosí sad coasts. The Churchís
history is little more than the story of martyrdom. Because sometimes the
demons do not submit.
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New Link

See the new link at the lower left to “After Abortion.” They have a post about their silent demonstration at the pro-murder march on Sunday. If only everyone could hear the truth about the marchers’ viciousness and anger (because you’re certainly not going to read it in any mainstream newspapers.)


Fundamentalists Kill Homosexuals

Mary Lou Wallner used to be a fundamentalist Christian. That is, apparently, the main reason her lesbian daughter committed suicide. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child to suicide; but even more, I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child to hell.
This pain caused Mrs. Wallner to reevaluate whether homosexuality was really a “big, bad sin” like she had been taught. Obviously, she came to discover, what she had believed was just not true. Now, the obvious vested interest that she has in believing that her daughter was not an unrepentant sinner is enormous. Who wants to believe that despite her best efforts, her daughter still killed herself as a result of the despair brought on by perceived condemnation? But sin sometimes leads to despair, and despair sometimes leads to suicide. This has nothing to do with “loving the sinner and hating the sin”, which the Chicago Tribune implies was obviously the wrong approach. It has everything to do with the guilt and despair of a sin overwhelming a lost person. Mrs. Wallner’s quote ends the story: “We have surrogate kids all over the country whose parents have rejected them,” she said. “We get tons of e-mails and calls. And we’ve said that even if one life is saved, it’s been worth it.” Unfortunately for those lives “saved” and for Mrs. Wallner’s daughter, saving a physical life may mean losing eternal life.