Lobbying on behalf of pregnant drug-abusing mothers who kill their children

Regarding Melissa Ann Rowland’s alleged refusal of a C-section that would have saved one of her unborn children: Why can’t I have the right to kill those who interfere with my convenience and the fulfillment of my potential? Hmm, I guess it might have something to do with taking responsibility for my actions and my choices.
In the story I read (link no longer works), Lynn Paltrow, executive director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women (a group that apparently lobbies on behalf of pregnant women who use drugs!), says this: “Part of this assault on motherhood is to portray certain women as selfish people without regard for their babies.” Think about this statement for half a second, and, if you consider yourself a thinking person, you should be able to see the inherent stupidity. “This assault on motherhood”? Who is assaulting motherhood here? The woman who protects her child or the woman who kills it? (Or the woman who uses drugs while she is pregnant?) The way I see it, it makes it hard to protect motherhood if the woman kills the thing that makes her a mother. I hate to have to point out the obvious facts, but apparently someone’s got to do it.
Or how about the second part of the statement: “to portray certain women [like those who kill their children?] as selfish people without regard for their babies.” Now where would we get an idea like that? Maybe from the fact that THEY KILL THEM?

Kent Morgan, a spokesman for District Attorney David Yocom, according to the article, says, understandably, “I don’t know of anybody who rationally believes that a baby who has come to term is something a mother can destroy.” Now, the “rationally” part is arguable, but if he thinks that people don’t advocate destroying full-term babies, he hasn’t talked to anyone from NOW, Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and, apparently, the National Advocates for Pregnant Women (I don’t want them “advocating” for my pregnant wife, since it is apparently at the expense of the “pregnant” part of her). We just need to accept the fact that these groups do not think rationally, they simply react to any perceived “threat” on “reproductive rights.” Which, by the way, is a misnomer if I’ve ever seen one: since when are these people concerned about the “right” to reproduce? That’s just silly. They are actually concerned about the right not to reproduce! They should call themselves advocates for non-reproductive rights. At least they’d be accurate.
Forget rationality when “discussing” with these people. You will never win any such arguments. Our best course of action is simply to ignore and marginalize them, and work for legislation that protects the rights of every women–including unborn ones.



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