Reparation…or holding a grudge?

“For the last eight years every victim group in the world but one has been given its day in court,” Fagan said in a press conference. “The only group that remains is Africans or African-Americans.”


Will $10 billion bring closure to ten disgruntled, 21st century African-American descendants of 19th century slaves?

Being half-African American myself, I know that $10 billion could bring some closure into my life…closure to my loans, school tuition, unpaid bills, etc.
Since victimization is so profitable, could someone email me the number of a good genealogist?


4 thoughts on “Reparation…or holding a grudge?

  1. I see they’re suing British and US companies. Are there any African companies being sued – the British and American slave-traders were not able to catch slaves by themselves, they had help from warring tribal factions and leaders.

    And hey, since my family is descended from the Germanic tribes that battled the Romans, I want to be compensated by the Italians, just in case some of my family members were used as slaves by the Roman Empire. Hey Chris, maybe you and me could buy houses next to each other out in West County!

  2. Good point yourself, Karl. Most African-Americans either don’t know or choose not to accept the fact that our own African brothers sold us into slavery. We can’t change the past, but I, for one, am going to make the most of my future. God bless you!

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