Hey, this is great. I can spout off about anythin…

Hey, this is great. I can spout off about anything, and probably no one will ever read it. But what’s even greater is that of all the people posting on this site who have their own blog, it’s probably a bunch of useless ramblings about stuff no one else cares about (much like this). So, here’s this week’s movie that you should not miss: Luther. As historically accurate as historical movies can get, and exciting and theologically (for the most part) accurate. Go see it, even if you aren’t Lutheran or even Christian for that matter. Luther struggled with the futility of life in the face of overwhelming corruption, sin and sickness, such as the plague. He survived and he changed the face of European culture forever.

The one cd you should pick up right now: Josh Ritter, “Hello Starling.” Like Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond (I know, it sounds weird), Tom Petty and Neil Young rolled into one. Best new songwriter in the last five years. Joan Baez is recording his song “Wings” for her new album, and Josh is opening for her right now. http://www.joshritter.com Okay, enough pointless, readerless chatter for now. More stuff that no one else cares about later.

Veritas odium parit,